COD Points for Black Ops 3

COD Points have recently been added to Call of Duty Black Ops 3, and this is great news for those of us who are impatient!

COD Points can be used to buy Liquid Divinium in Black Ops 3 zombies, which if you think about it, this is huge!

This essentially means we can now buy MEGA gumballs, which can give us a major advantage in a game of zombies.

For those of you who are unaware, the only way to get MEGA gumballs is to use Liquid Divinium in Dr. Monty’s Factory.

And prior to the introduction of the all new Black Ops 3 COD Points, the only way to get Liquid Divinium was to play a game of zombies and earn it.

The big problem however was that you could ONLY GET TWO liquid diviniums per a game, no matter how long you live for, or how many zombies you kill, or how great of a player you are.

This means that you could literally spend hours upon hours of zombies gameplay and only get a couple vials of Liquid Divinium to give you a shot at drawing some of the Rare and Ultra Rare gumballs.

Now with the introduction of COD Points you can literally buy unlimited quantities of Liquid Divinium to use in Dr. Monty’s factory!

Spending a few bucks on some COD Points could save you hours of gameplay and get you the good stuff – Liquid Divinium.

How much do COD Points cost in Black Ops 3?

  • 200 Call of Duty Points – $2
  • 1,100 Call of Duty Points – $10
  • 2,400 Call of Duty Points – $20
  • 5,000 Call of Duty Points – $40

As you can see the more COD Points you buy, the more Bang for your Buck you get.

The smallest package will cost you $1 for 100 points, while the largest package you’ll be getting 125 points per every dollar spent.

This means when you buy 5,000 COD Points you’ll be get an extra 25% more points for your money! (not quite like grabbing a Firesale drop, but we’ll take it!)

It looks like 200 COD points will get you 3 Liquid Divinium vials.

This equates to being able to buy an epic 75 vials of Liquid Divinium with 5,000 COD Points!

Who do you know that has 75 vials of Liquid Divinium on hand? NO ONE!

It could take you weeks or months to get that much Liquid Divinium from playing Black Ops 3 zombies, but now you can buy it in an instant!

Imagine how exciting it will be to head over to Dr. Monty’s Factory with 75 vials of Liquid Divinium and use the “3 Vat” 25 times in a row.

Also, imagine how many epic MEGA gumballs you’ll draw in the process!