Black Ops 3 Zombies

“Back in my day when we ran zombie trails it was uphill both ways! They didn’t even have Juggernaug, or any of these fancy perk machines. There was no Power switch, and there sure as HELL wasn’t a Pack-a-Punch! The mystery box gave us a teddy bear 9 out of every 10 draws… from what I remember… You kids theses days are spoiled!” – said a veteran zombies player
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Over the years we’ve seen Zombies evolve from an ultra-simple game into something that has become MUCH bigger, more complex, sophisticated, and most importantly – FUN!

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black ops 3 zombies

We’ve been enthusiasts of the zombies game mode found within Treyarch’s Call of Duty releases since the very first “Nazi Zombies” game mode was available in the Word at War title.

…and BOY have things changed since then… (while at the same time, many things remain similar)

Black Ops 3 Zombies has taken the undead slaying to a whole new level this year (again). It’s been nearly THREE years now since the last Call of Duty zombies was released, so believe us when we say we’re ready for the Black Ops 3 release date Treyarch.

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