Black Ops 3 Zombies Widows Wine Perk

If you’ve made your way down into the Rift in the Shadows of Evil Black Ops 3 Zombies map, chances are you’ve stumbled into the Widows Wine perk machine. Widows Wine is one of the 7 Black Ops 3 Zombies Perks, and this one has a static location in the Shadows of Evil map.

Since it’s the first time this perk has been seen in a Zombies map, many people are pointing at the machine saying “what are thoosse!?”

We’ll here’s your answer.

Widows Wine is a new Perk-o-cola machine that costs a whopping 4000 points, but it may be well worth it if survival is your goal!

You’ll find it on the lowest level of the Rift near the wall where you can get your sword, close to the stairs.

Worth 4000 points you say? Whats this Widows Wine perk do for me that is worth 4000 hard earned points?

Well it does a few things.

First and foremost it will save your ass in a pinch.

If the zombies get too close to you, or corner you, etc, when the zombies touch you Widows Wine will unleash a spider web like affect that will freeze the zombies. They will not be able to hit you or down you! Worth 4000 points? We say yessir!

The spider web like affect will last about 20 seconds.

Be aware however, if you are training zombies, aka running them in circles, if the zombies get too close they could freeze up and wreak havoc on your masterplan. Freezing up some of the zombies while having some still chase you could create havoc in your area having zombies all over the place moving every which way. Be sure to shoot the frozen zombies to clear them out of your path.

In addition to the mentioned Primary affect of Widows Wine, it will also affect your grenades. When you throw a grenade while Widows Wine is equipped your grenade will have a freezing web affect rather than an explosion. This could work to your advantage, but it will affect your ability to create crawlers.

Just chuck a grenade into a pile of zombies to freeze them up and blast your auto weapon into there skulls!

When you have Windows Wine keep your eyes peeled for slayed zombies to drop a spider looking power up, this will replenish one of your grenades. You’ll get some new ones for each new round and when max ammo drops are picked up as well!

For a full video walk through and strategy guide on everything in this map, grab our guide!