Black Ops 3 Zombies Summoning Key

The Summoning key in Black Ops 3 Zombies Shadows of Evil is literally the “key” to your success on this map.

Without it you can’t perform any of the 4 rituals, nor will you be able to Pack-a-Punch; you’ll basically go to bed crying if you can’t find it.

But don’t worry, finding the summoning key is super easy, and it’s the LEAST of your worries.

In fact, the summoning key is located in the spawn on easy street, inside the wooden box on the back of the truck against the wall.

So how do you get the summoning key in Shadows of Evil?


Just enter Beast mode, and walk up to the box on the back of the truck and melee it. It will be obvious once you enter Beast mode, there will be glowing symbols on it, and its just beyond the power switch for quick revive. When you melee this box in Beast mode, it will open the wooden box. You can’t pick up the summoning key while in beast mode though. You must wait until you return to human form then walk up to the same area and grab it.

When you enter beast mode to grab the summoning key we recommend you do a few other things. First open up the gate to the Junction, it’s the only gate you can open from the spawn.

Then enter beast mode, melee open the door to your left, turn on the power to quick revive, run out to the Junction and zap the power to the crane and you’ll get the Golden Fountain Pen (sometimes called the lawyers pen, or magician pen) too. Grapple up to the stairs and open the gate to easy street so you can go up to Nero’s Ritual room and make your sacrifice to get your first Gateworm.

Once you pick up the Summoning key you have it for good. You will need it to perform all 4 rituals. Each ritual will require the summoning key as well as one corresponding item specific to that District (cop, boxer, jessica).

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