Black Ops 3 Zombies Pack A Punch

The good ‘ol Pack-a-punch machine, it’s nothing new, but how do you do it in Shadows of Evil?

black ops 3 zombies pack a punch

If you want to pack-a-punch in the Black Ops 3 zombies map Shadows of Evil, you’ve gotta complete the 4 Rituals and get the gateworms, then take them down to the rift.

Sounds a little complicated, and it is, but it’s very do-able with a little skill and strategy.

Essentially what you need to do is run around the map and grab 4 items, plus the summoning key.

The summoning key is in the spawn area, also known as Easy Street. You’ll need to go into Beast Mode and melee the box on the truck bed to get the summoning key.

Then next step will be to grab the item in the Junction, which happens to be the Magicians Pen. Zap the power switch on the crane to get the magicians pen.

Once you have the magicians pen and the summoning key, grapple up to the top of neros landing and zap the power switch by easy street.

This will open the gate which will allow you to take the magicians pen and the summoning key up to the ritual table up in Nero’s Landing.

Perform the ritual and you’ll be given 1 of 4 Gateworms. After you have all 4 gateworms you’ll need to take them down to the Rift to unlock Pack-a-Punch in Shadows of Evil.

When you enter the Junction from easy street, there are three Districts you will need to unlock, enter, and use beastmode to get the Item and open the Ritual Room in these areas.

Be placing the Specific item and the Summoning key on the ritual table you’ll get a Gateworm.

Follow the instructions on the corresponding pages to get the Gateworm in each of the 3 districts:

Canal District
Waterfront District
Footlight District

After you complete the rituals in each of these 3 districts, plus Nero’s landing, you’ll have four gateworms. Head down to the Rift and a special area will open up where you can put down the 4 gateworms.

After the 4 gateworms have been planted stand in front of the alter and place down the summoning key.

At this point the Pack-a-punch machine will be opened in Shadows of Evil!

We know this is a little bit complicated and it took us several hours of game play to complete it all.

For detailed step by step instructions on how to pack-a-punch, do the 4 rituals, and much more grab the Zombies Guide: Shadows of Evil Edition to learn how to do everything, inside and out, and dominate!