Black Ops 3 Zombies – How To Turn On The Power

Still trying to figure out how to turn on the power in Black Ops 3 Zombies? Look no further.
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In the Shadows of Evil (Morg City) map, all you need to do in order to turn on the power is become the Beast and zap the power switch right by your spawn location.

There is not a “master power switch’ in Shadows of Evil, unlike some of the previous maps we have seen.

Instead there is a power switch for Each of Black Ops 3 Perks as well as the collectible items.

The key to turning on the Power Switch will always be to turn into The Beast and zap the power switch. You can zap as many power switches as you’d like each time you enter Beast Mode, you’re not just limited to one or two zaps, but you do have a limited time in beast mode so make your way around quickly.

Generally what you want to do in Beast mode is to turn on the Power Switch for the area you are currently in and then also open the Stair Case to the High Street for that area and open the Ritual Room too. This may require Grappling up to an area while in Beast Mode by looking up to a hook like orange glowing icon (looks kinda like a palm tree too if vacation is on your mind).

Look around our site and you’ll learn what you need to know, or grab the Zombies Guide Shadows of Evil edition for a full video tutorial that’ll get you on the fast track to dominating this map.

This video shows you how to turn on the power for Quick Revive in Black Ops 3 Zombies Shadows of Evil in Easy Street (the spawn).

Don’t spend hours running around Morg City trying to find out some sophisticated way to turn on the power in Shadows of Evil like we did. It is really simple, unlike some previous maps in BO2.

There is no need to build to power switch before you can turn on the power in BO3 zombies.

Once you turn on the power you can buy it’s corresponding perk in Morg City.
black ops 3 zombies guide download
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