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I just got the brand new call of duty black ops 2 game about a week ago primarily because I wanted to play zombies.

I heard that the new Tranzit game mode was going to be full of buildable objects and I just had to check it out. But after I started playing I quickly realized it was almost impossible to figure out how to complete all of the objectives in the new zombies mode, and I quickly realized a lot of things have changed; in Zombies.

Every match I played in it seemed like I would get downed like 10 times, miss the Bus, and be unable to find the parts to complete the objectives. Everytime I played online with my friends they would get mad at me because I sucked at the new zombies game. Needless to say I was not having much fun playing the new zombies maps since I couldn’t figure things out and I kept dying in early rounds.

Naturally, I started browsing the net trying to figure out how to play the new zombies mode in black ops 2, but a lot of the information I was finding online was inaccurate and not very helpful to say the least. The information I found online was not very descriptive, which caused me a lot of headaches and I wasted a lot of my time searching the internet just to find inaccurate guides that ended up getting me killed.

Then I came across the ZOMBIES GUIDE Black Ops 2 Dominance, and every since then things have really changed a lot. ZOMBIES GUIDE has given me all the detailed accurate information about how to do just about everything I want to do in the new black ops 2 zombies game. When I play online with my friends and random people I am now the team leader. I know exactly how to build all of the builadable objects and have uncovered secret locations in the game. Instead of being the guy who gets downed twice every round, I am now the guy everyone wants on their team and have become known as the guy who never gets downed. On top of that I usually am the one with the most revives too.

Since getting ZOMBIES GUIDE Black Ops 2 Dominance my skill level has improved drastically, I always have the most points in just about every zombies match I play. My friends who used to get mad at me for sucking at zombies now envy my skill and they want to know how I am able to get so many points and get to such high rounds in zombies. Every since I got ZOMBIES GUIDE Black Ops 2 Dominance, Zombies has become much more fun for me to play now that I am able to dominate and lead the team in every match I play!

- Jeremy B.


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Wow guys, zombies mode in black ops 2 has changed a lot! I have been a zombies fan for several years now, but black ops 2 zombies is a lot different then it used to be.

To start with, the Tranzit mode in zombies has buildable objects, which is totally different then how it used to be. I looked around on the internet to try and figure out how to play the new black ops 2 zombies game mode, but it seemed like every website I went to had conflicting information and it really just left me running around the map like a chicken with its head cut off. Needless to say, I was not having very much fun playing zombies in black ops 2 since I didn’t understand the new game mode and I just kept dying before I could get past round 10 or 15.

Finally I found ZOMBIES GUIDE Black Ops 2 Dominance and I just knew I had to get it. This guide has all the information I need to dominate in black ops 2 zombies. Now when I play online I am able to survive past round 30 and I can build every object in the game with ease. ZOMBIES GUIDE Black Ops 2 Dominance is a great reference to pull up any information I need while in the middle of the match. If I need to know where a part to the Jet Gun is I can find it quickly and easily while I am in the middle of a round by glancing over at the guide. This allows me to lead the team and teach my team mates what to do as we play, which is a great feeling to be able to help so many people out. I remember what it was like before I got the guide – not very much fun. But now black ops 2 zombies is more fun than ever!

And don’t forget the new Tombstone Perk! You’re definitely going to want to know how to use this to your advantage! I would highly recommend ZOMBIES GUIDE Black Ops 2 Dominance to anyone who is struggling to figure out the new zombies maps or if you just want to improve you skill and learn how to make it to round 30 or 40 without any problems! Enjoy your zombie slaying!


Kyle S.


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Check out how ZOMBIES GUIDE will help you dominate online and show your friends how it’s done!

    Buildable Items:

  • How to Build the Pack-a-Punch in Tranzit
  • How to Build the Turbine
  • How to Build the Jet Gun
  • How to Build the Zombie Shield
  • How to build the Turret
  • How to build the Electric Trap

  • Pack-a-Punch:

  • How to Pack-a-Punch in Tranzit
  • Where is the Pack-a-Punch in Tranzit
  • Secret Areas:
  • How to get On Top of the Diner
  • Learn this secret tactic that many players don’t know how to do!

  • Where is Nacht Der Untoten
  • Learn how to get to this secret area in Black Ops 2 Zombies

  • Where is the Hidden Cabin?
  • Discover the secret hidden Cabin

    Must Know Information:
  • Tranzit Bus Route Stops
  • How to Turn on the Power
  • How to Get on Top of the Bus
  • How to turn on the Music
  • How to Upgrade the Bus
  • Perk Machines (Perk-a-Cola’s):

  • Tombstone Perk – What is this new perk?
  • How to get all 6 Perks at the same time
  • Jugger-nog
  • Speed Cola
  • Tombstone
  • Quick Revive
  • Stamin-Up
  • Double Tap Root Beer
  • Learn where you can find each of the perk machines and how to use these perks to your advantage!

    Mystery Box Weapons

  • War Machine
  • SMR
  • Type 25
  • S12
  • Ray Gun
  • Python
  • RPD
  • RPG
  • Monkey Bombs
  • MTAR
  • M1216
  • M8A1
  • M27
  • LSAT
  • Galil
  • HAMR
  • KAP-40
  • Five-Seven Dual Wield
  • Five-Seven single
  • FAL
  • Chicom CQD
  • Executioner
  • DSR 50
  • Barret M82A1
  • Ballistic Knife
  • EMP Grenades – not available on all maps (just green run, tranzit, town, and bus depot)
  • Achievements

    Full list of achievements and how to do them!

  • Tower of Babble
  • Don’t Fire Until You See
  • The Light of Their Eyes
  • Undead Man’s Party Bus
  • Dance on My Grave
  • Standard Equipment May Vary
  • You Have No Power Over Me
  • I Don’t Think They Exist
  • Fuel Efficient
  • Happy Hour




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